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Willow Hosted Dual Meets


5-8 Year Old Meet

Check-in- 3:30 pm

Warm-up- 4:00 pm

Meet Starts- 4:30 pm

9-18 Year Old Meet

Check-in- 6:00 pm

Warm-up-6:20 pm

Meet Starts- 6:30 pm

Event List

The event list is attached so that parents can keep up with the events throughout the night.

RSVPed for the meet?

RSVPing is critical information to plan for heats. Log onto your account now and click Meet Entry. It is easy!


Check-In Information

Check in with the coaches as soon as you arrive (EVERY SWIMMER HAS TO CHECK IN). Tables are set up on the front deck. Once checked in, coaches will write information on your child’s back and arm. Your child will then be called back at warm up time. MAKE SURE TO NOT APPLY SUNSCREEN TO YOUR SWIMMER’S ARM/SHOULDER BEFORE THEY CHECK IN! Their competitor number will rub off and mess up their times for the computer.

What are those numbers?

Your child’s swimmer number will be written their hand and will follow them throughout the season. We will also write numbers on your child’s forearm. These numbers will designate the swimming event your child is swimming. The events will be called over the megaphone at the ready bench.

What is Ready Bench?

Ready Bench is where swimmers line up to prepare to walk over for their events. Coaches run the ready bench. Swimmers will come to the ready bench when they hear their event number called. This is the number that is written on their arm. Please make sure your swimmer is listening and near the ready bench, so they do not miss their event.


Parking is in the pool parking lot, the Trafton gravel lot, the Willow park parking lot, and on the street. If you choose to park on the street, be mindful of the fire hydrants and driveways. Also make sure your cars are parked facing the correct direction. Cops patrol the area and will ticket. The pool and surrounding lots will be busy and will fill up quickly.

*We encourage those who can walk or ride their bikes to do so. *
**If the pool parking lot is wet, then it will be closed down.**

What Should You Bring to a Meet? Please bring cash for concessions, towels, goggles, sunscreen, bug spray, chairs and or/ blankets. Please DO NOT apply sunscreen to the swimmers arms or back. Sunscreen makes the swimmer’s numbers disappear.

We appreciate everyone who signed up to help with the first meet! The volunteer coordinators will be checking in volunteers at the tent next to the Willow Wahoo graffiti sign. We will get you to your positions and answer any last minute questions you may have. We will also tell you what time to return to the tent to assume your duties.

Concessions- CASH & VENMO

These concessions help to support the Wahoos! We are known for our awesome burgers! Bring Cash to support the Wahoos and to feed the whole family!!

  • Burger $8 (Add Cheese +$1 Add Chips and Drink +$1)
  • Chicken Sandwich (Add Cheese +$1 Add Chips and Drink +$1)
  • Frito Pie $4
  • Hot Dog $3
  • Nachos $3
  • Candy $1
  • Drink $1
  • Chips $1
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