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Meet the 2023 Wahoo Board:

FUNDRAISING: Amanda Sorena

CONCESSIONS: Annie Cook and Pattie Newman


5/6 and 7/8 COORDINATOR: Alex King

9/10 and up COORDINATOR: Beth Garland, Amber Yother

ADMINISTRATION: Nicole De Los Santos


For EACH Willow swimmer, an adult must work ONE volunteer shift during the course of the season. Example: a family with 3 swimmers must work 3 total shifts. The shift can be during the Mock Meet, any dual meet, or Prelims.  

If your child qualifies and participates in Finals, you will be required to volunteer during this meet. We will also need additional volunteers during Finals as well. 

Each meet will have separate sign ups and will include all the volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer positions include:

  • Timer -each lane has 2 timers and will use stop watches to time each heat. The first heat requires two times. We may alternate timers for additional heats. 3 timers are required for Prelims and Finals. 
  • Card writer -sits between the 2 timers and records the time(s) of each heat.
  • Ribbon writer -works one lane and determines a swimmer's place for that lane. They are responsible for writing the event and age group on the ribbon for each heat. Ribbons are optional for 13+.
  • Card runner -collects the time card from each lane and confirms information has been recorded.
  • Track heat/ event - sit on side of pool and flip sign to indicate heat and event. 
  • Floater/ Back up Timer -may fill in where needed. If all positions are covered, you will be a back up timer and time each heat to cover for missed times in any lane.
  • Concessions -griller and food sales. 

All positions require some standing and your feet will get wet. Timers usually stand as the swimmer gets close to the wall. We recommend wearing sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. Volunteer Coordinators and veteran swim families are great resources for all your questions.

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