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Intrasquad Meet

Monday, June 14th, 2021 is our first swim meet of the season! This is a Willow only swim meet for ALL ages. The kids make so much progress throughout May and now they can show off all of their hard work. This meet will be run differently than past season please see the schedule below:

6/U Girls- 4:30-5:00pm

6/U Boys- 5:00-5:30pm

7/8 Girls- 5:30-6:15pm 

7/8 Boys- 6:15-7:00pm 

9/10 Girls- 7:00-7:45pm

9/10 Boys- 7:45-8:30pm 

11/12 Boys and Girls: 8:30-9:30pm 

13 and ups will have time trials at practice

How meets will be run?

Swimmers will arrive at their designated age time. Then they will line up behind their lane. The swimmers will swim their event then come back to the end of the pool to swim their next event. Coaches will be guiding swimmers to the correct spot. Due to the traffic of this meet, Parents will not be allowed on deck for this meet or any meet this season. If you would like a front seat to watch your swimmer please sign up to volunteer!!


Due to the nature of this season, we will need more volunteers. Please sign up for volunteering when Coach Kayla sends out the email. 

RSVP and your child will get a swimmer number

You must RSVP for the meet in order for your child to get a swimmer number. This swimmer number will be written on your child’s hand and back and will follow your child throughout the season. We will also write numbers on your child’s forearm. These numbers will designate the swimming event your child is swimming. The events will be called over the megaphone.


1. Log onto your https://willo wwahoos.swimtopia.com account

2. On the Home page, click Meet Entry on the right side under Next Meet

3. Under Meet Entry, you will see your swimmer(s) names. Click EDIT

4. Choose: attending or not attending

5. Click Save

That’s it! Simple – you can also RSVP for all meets now.

Check-In Information

Check in with the coaches as soon as you arrive (EVERY SWIMMER HAS TO CHECK IN). They will have tables set up on the front deck. Once they get you checked in, they will write information on your child’s arm (see below for more details). Your child will then be called back at warm up time.

Drink Donations
Every Willow family is required to bring drink donations. 

This meet is always hot and we will go through tons of drinks. Popular drinks: 12 oz and 18 oz gatorade, water, sparkling water, any name brand soft drinks including diet drinks. 

Come Hungry!

Our concession stand will be open during this meet.  There will also be an assorted variety of candy and sweet treats for sale. Cash only!

For this meet only: Swimmers might be swimming all strokes (Free, Back, Breast, Fly). We are using this meet as a way to get swimmers accurate meet times. In dual meets and for the rest of the season, swimmers will swim 3 events and maybe 1 relay.

How were the heats chosen?

Based on observation throughout the first 4 weeks of swim practice, Coach Kayla has picked which kids will be swimming in specific heats. She will also select the children who will participate in the relays.

Will my child always be in the same heat?

No. Times from each meet are entered into the Meet Manager and your child’s heat can be shifted with each meet. You will continue to receive emails before each swim meet with information.


Parking is in the pool parking lot, the Trafton gravel lot, the Willow park parking lot, at Red Elementary, and on the street. If you choose to park on the street, be mindful of the fire hydrants and driveways. Also make sure your cars are parked facing the correct direction. Police patrol the area and will ticket. The pool and surrounding lots will be busy and will fill up quickly.

*We encourage those who can walk or ride their bikes to do so. *
**If the pool parking lot is wet, then it will be closed.**

What Should You Bring to a Meet?

Please bring towels, goggles, sunscreen, bug spray, chairs and or/ blankets. Put sunscreen on prior to coming to the meet to allow for it to dry. Sunscreen makes the swimmer’s numbers disappear.

Parent Volunteers

We appreciate everyone who signed up to help with this first meet! After you check your children in at the beginning of the meet, please come and check yourself in to the parent coordinators so that we have you marked down. The volunteer coordinators will be checking in volunteers at the tent next to the Willow Wahoo graffiti sign. We will get you to your positions and answer any last minute questions you may have. We will also tell you what time to return to the tent to assume your duties.

New to Swim Team? Check out Swim Meet 101 ….https://willowwahoos.swimtopia.com/swim-meet-101

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Intrasquad Meet Order of Events

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