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SWU at Willow

Monday, June 28, 2021 (7/8 and 9/10 Meet) and Tuesday, June 29, 2021 (5/6 and 11 and up) is our dual meet against SWU.

This meet will be divided up into two different nights please see the event list below:

June 28 SWU at Willow (7/8 and 9/10):

7/8 (Boys and Girls)

Arrive/ Check in: 5:00pm

Warm Up: 5:15pm

Meet Starts: 5:30

Check in for Volunteers: 5:15pm at Volunteer Table

9/10 (Boys and Girls)

Arrive/ Check in: 6:45pm

Warm Up: 7:00pm

Meet Starts: 7:15pm

Check in for Volunteers: 7:00pm at Volunteer Table

Tuesday, June 29 SWU at Willow (5/6 and 11 ups):

6/U (Boys and Girls):

Arrive 5:00pm

Warm up 5:15pm

Meet Starts: 5:30pm

Check in for Volunteers: 5:15

11- 17 (Boys and Girls):

Arrive 6:15

Warm up 6:30pm

Meet Starts: 6:45pm

Check in for Volunteers: 6:30 and 8:30 

How meets will be run?

Swimmers will arrive at their designated age time. Then they will line up behind their lane. The swimmers will swim their event then come back to the end of the pool to swim their next event. Coaches will be guiding swimmers to the correct spot. Due to the traffic of this meet, Parents will not be allowed on deck for this meet or any meet this season. If you would like a front seat to watch your swimmer please sign up to volunteer!!

Check-In Information

Check in with the coaches as soon as you arrive (EVERY SWIMMER HAS TO CHECK IN). They will have tables set up on the front deck. DO NOT APPLY SUNSCREEN RIGHT BEFORE OR AFTER YOUR SWIMMER CHECKS IN! Their competitor number will rub off and mess up their times for the computer.


Please sign up now! Log onto your account and click the Job Signup for the SWU meet.


Parking is in the pool parking lot, the Trafton gravel lot, the Willow park parking lot, at Red Elementary, and on the street. If you choose to park on the street, be mindful of the fire hydrants, driveways and please park facing the correct direction to avoid a ticket. The pool and surrounding lots will be busy and will fill up quickly. Lock your car and do not leave valuables visible. We encourage those who can walk or ride their bikes to do so. If the pool parking lot is wet, then it will be closed.

What lanes are we swimming in?

Willow will swim in lanes 1 – 3. SWU will swim in lanes 4 - 6.

Drink Donations

If you have not brought your drink donations, please bring them tomorrow.

Popular drinks: 12 oz and 18 oz gatorade, water, any name brand soft drinks including diet drinks.

Come Hungry and Bring Cash!

Our concession stand will be open during the meet. We will be selling burgers, hot dogs, chips, and drinks. There will also be plenty of candy and sweet treats for sale. Cash only!

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